Headquartered in Bangor, Maine, Certified Network Systems, Inc provides fast response to IT issues, security, and remote system support services.

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Maine's First Choice in Computer Repair

CNS is your best friend in a converging technological world. We enhance the full potential of our customer's digital lives through helpful, friendly, and reliable service. We have a passion to serve and a determination to get things done. CNS wants to make sure everyone gets the maximum enjoyment from their relationship with computers, networks and other business electronics. We offer installation, optimization, repair and education to help our customers with their digital lives.

Long ago, experts said technology would change our lives. It turns out they were wrong. Technology has become our lives. We store businesses on hard drives. We communicate with clients on the Internet. Everyday, we grow more and more involved with technology and the promise it holds. And history has proven that technology can be a fickle friend. Now more than ever, people need a caring person to guide them past the computer-crashing lows and lead them to the lightning-fast highs. They need a new best friend to make problems disappear and make technical dreams a reality.

Evan Dean

Virus and Spyware Removal

Complete removal of malicious programs on a PC including, but not limited to, Trojans, Virus, Spyware, Adware, Hijacker & BHOs

Servicing two areas in Maine, Certified Network Systems can be on-site in no time.

Certified Network Systems Bangor, Maine

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Presque Isle, Maine

26 North Street #204
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