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Certified Network Systems is your single point of contact for all of your computer, networking, and information technology support needs. Work with us to support, maintain, design, and correct your information systems. Here are the ways that Certified Network Systems can serve your needs:

By The Hour

Work with an experienced staff member from Certified Network Systems for as little or as long as you like. With no commitment, the hourly rate is great for doctor’s offices, single practitioner law firms, dentists, veterinarians, and any other business with an occasional computer support need.

Monthly Service Agreement

We offer the Monthly Service Agreement for small businesses that have a more regular need for IT support. Work with Senior IT Staff to determine your regular computer service needs. Subscribe to the Monthly Service Agreement.

Our Monthly Service Agreement is a subscription to a set amount of service hours every month at a discounted rate. If you go over your monthly subscription, your additional usage is still discounted from our hourly rate. This optimizes your support usage and gives you the best rate for the service you need.

Unlimited Service Agreement

Why worry about your network when you have a business to run? With Certified Network Systems’ Unlimited Service Agreement, we become your IT department. No need to worry about servers, workstations, backups, email, routers, or the rest of your information systems.

Work with our IT staff to determine all of the systems that Certified Network Systems will manage for you. Subscribe to our best value computer service. With our Unlimited Service Agreement, we perform preventative maintenance, end-user technical support, server support, and network support. With all of your IT needs addressed, you can focus on your business and not your network.


CNS can come to your office. Sometimes you need a second pair of hands to get everything working. Our highly-trained technicians can quickly and neatly set up, fix, or optimize the technology in your office.

Remotely Online

CNS can service you remotely directly through the Internet connection at your office or wherever you are. Get help for your PC, network, website, wireless network, and more. Our highly trained technicians can help install, repair, upgrade, or even give demonstrations of your favorite technology.

Certified Network Systems can take your office to the next technology level by setting up your new PC, giving it a tune-up, installing components, and initializing your network. CNS can analyze your needs with state of the art tools and explain what your options are. We are your one-stop technology expert to keep your office running smoothly, contact us today to consult with us about our services.

Computer Set-Up

Complete installation of new computers. Includes connecting to a domain, installing important programs, setting up network resources, and data migration.

Network Support

Troubleshoot network issues, set up and configure servers or a secure wireless network, install new wired connections, in-office installation, and VOIP telephone configuration.

Virus Removal

Complete removal of malicious programs on a PC like Trojan Horses, Virus, Spyware, Adware, Hijackers, and Rootkits


Providing your office with new wired connections to the network. Often this is needed before VOIP telephone installation.

IT Troubleshooting

Help IT staff get the information they require to solve critical issues.

Data Migration

Transfer data or files from one system to another.

Unique Solutions

We’ll even do your windows.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Complete removal of malicious programs on a PC including, but not limited to, Trojans, Virus, Spyware, Adware, Hijacker & BHOs

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